Whether studio or location, advertising, editorial or annual reports, their twenty-three successful years in Atlanta’s advertising community has given both Don and Parlee a notable regional and national client list and the ability to pull off any image that may be tickling your brain.

Award winning and thoroughly entertaining, Don Chambers captures people images infused with humor, honesty and emotion. He is as comfortable bringing out the best in a raucous two year old child as he is tapping into the approachable side of a CEO who has no time to spare.

Parlee Chambers creates each still life or food shot with the heart of a painter, the eye of a stylist and a calm and easy attitude that both clients and crew appreciate. Every shoot and it’s pre-production are bettered by her creative mindset, tip top organization and the attention she pays to the needs of crew, agency and client.

Together with their favorite talented crew, Studio Chambers’ production approach is professional and positive for all involved. No airs. No egos. At Studio Chambers collaboration and creativity is born out of capable experience and an amiable sense of humor.

Tel: 404-223-0070